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I was on-air at one of the top rock stations in the US (WIYY-Baltimore, 98 Rock) for 14 years & created content for the most award winning news station in the US (WBAL-Baltimore). Including sports, news, imaging, commercials and voice tracking.  I currently do the same for WPBB-Tampa: The Shark.  Hear how I can enhance your station(s).

Radio Imaging - Dee Alvis
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Aircheck - Dee Alvis
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Over the course of my radio career, I had the honor of interviewing many musicians, athletes and other celebrities.  

I hosted 3 podcasts.  Geekin Havoc w/ Chris Lycholat of 98 Rock & Ravens Radio (a polished show about music, comics, & general "nerd culture") and The Brown & Black Attack w/ Jay Cottrell of WBAL-Balimore and The Tony Kornheiser Show  (a no-frills sports and pop culture show)  and Crypto Currency Now  w/ the CFO of Digital Currency LLC, Jeffrey Bitton.  We delve into all things Crypto and Blockchain helping experts, novices and everyone inbetween.You can listen to multiple episodes by clicking on the titles or going to my LINKS page.

Interview w/ Oderus of GWAR - Dee Alvis
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Interview w/ NFL Tight End Ed Dixon - Dee Alvis
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Geekin Havoc - Movie Sequels - Dee & Christoff
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Geekin Havoc w/ Jason Newsted - Dee & Christoff
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